The Climate Challenge and Left Politics


The Left Forum think tank, in collaboration with Transform! Europe network, organized last saturday an international seminar in Helsinki to discuss Left solutions to the problems of climate policy. For example the following themes were discussed: How to build a grassroots climate movement, and how would such a movement function in relation to party politics? What kinds of structural barriers to solving the climate crisis do the capitalist mode of production and the related power structures create? How should the categories of citizenship and borders be re-assessed given the condition of the climate crisis?

Totuusradio sends now the presentations held at the seminar. We hear the presentations of Rikard Warlenius, Andreas Ytterstad and Shora Esmailian. Warlenius is a journalist, PhD student in human ecology and Left Party city councillor in Stockholm. He has authored several books on climate issues. Ytterstad in a scholar of journalism and one of the leading figures of the Norwegian climate movement. In his writings, Ytterstad has specifically discussed the role of civil society in the struggle for a carbon-neutral future and environmentally sustainable employment. Esmailian is a journalist and has written a book about climate refugees.

The event also functioned as a publication event of the book ”The Politics of Ecosocialism”.

  • Broadcast: Monday 26th of October 2015, 20:00–22:00 (UTC+2)

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  • The programme will be listenable and downloadable in the programme archive (ohjelma-arkisto).


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