NOG20 – Analysis from the Streets of Hamburg

Mathias Wåg, Dan Koivulaaksi and Jukka Peltokoski answer the following questions asked by Lasse Poser:

1) Why are we here? How do you see our goals in these protests, tools to achieve these goals and how are we succeeding at the moment?

2) What about the G20? What are they trying to achieve?

3) The police is acting aggressively. How do you see their strategy?

4) The mainstream media is concentrating to the violence of the protestors, not to the violence of the police, not to mention to the violence of global capitalism. What do you think of the behaviour of mainstream journalists?

5) What do you think about the current state of mass demonstrations? What can we achieve here that we cannot achieve elsewhere?

6) What are in your opinion the most central themes, questions or challenges for the progressive movements at the moment?

7) What greetings would you like to send for the revolutionaries of our time?

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  • Broadcast: Monday 18th of September 2017, 20:00–22:00 (UTC+2)

  • Frequency: FM 98,4 (only in Tampere, Finland)

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  • The programme will be listenable and downloadable in the programme archive (ohjelma-arkisto).