Syriza – radikaalin vasemmiston liitto


This is the first time that any popular force has proven able to pose a challenge to the ‘governance’ that has dominated Europe ever since the ‘neoliberal’ turn.
– Étienne Balibar

In many regards Syriza will fail in the short term. But I believe that in the long term it will have achieved a victory, because it has put questions on the table that can no longer simply be ignored.
– David Harvey

If, therefore, we wish to avert a second, and this time decisive, defeat — which would put an end to the Greek leftist experiment, with incalculable consequences for society and for the Left inside and outside this country — we must look reality in the face and speak the language of honesty.”
– Stathis Kouvelakis


Syrizasta ja Euroopan tulevaisuudesta keskustelevat Henrik Jaakkola, Heli Mahkonen, Lasse Poser ja Jussi Vähämäki. Ohjelma on nauhoite.



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04 2015

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