Fiction as Resistance


”Boredom is a contemporary invention. People didn’t get bored in the old times.”


Hassan Blasim, Pispala’s Gogol and internationally known 
writer, meets poet J. K. Ihalainen, who just returned 
from Istanbul’s demonstrations.

There will be talk about the international chess game 
of power and violence, and about the role literature 
and fiction can have in this game.



  • Broadcast 1: Monday 5th of April 2014, 22:00–00:00 (UTC+2)

  • Broadcast 2: Friday 9th of April 2014, 22:30–00:30 (UTC+2)

  • Frequency: FM 98,4 (only in Tampere, Finland)

  • Internet broadcasting: TUNEIN

  • The programme will be listenable and downloadable after the 2nd broadcast in the programme archive (ohjelma-arkisto).